Position your Apple Cinema Display Anywhere.
Introducing the iMove..
The World's first
LCD Display Positioning Table.

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(Corona, CA), Sept 27, 2004. MaxUpgrades today announced a unique product, iMove a computer display positioning table that enables the user to change the position of their Apple Cinema Display for optimum viewing angle and position. The iMove is available for Apple Cinema Displays (30 inch, 23 inch, and 20 inch models).

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iMove's unique design enables Apple's new flat panel (Aluminum) displays to glide on your desktop surface at any distance or position the user desires.

The user can quickly change the position of the display to the desired distance and angle for optimum image viewing relative to his/her posture. The user can articulate the motion for precise positioning of the display by the movement of his/her hand.

iMove Photo Gallery for Apple Cinema Displays

The Apple Display stand foot fits in the groove of the iMove which is supported on spherical rollers that allow effortless movement of the LCD Monitor.

With iMove, motion in virtually any direction is possible. This freedom of positioning allows the user to swivel (rotate) the display a full 360 Degrees.

iMove Apple Cinema Displays (Aluminum Models)
iMove for Apple Cinema Display 30 inch
iMove for Apple Cinema Display 23 inch
iMove for Apple Cinema Display 20 inch

iMove Positioning Table feature(s)
 1. Aesthetic appeal.
iMove is offered in an unobtrusive matt black color. The shape of the iMove perfectly fits the profile of your aluminum Apple Display stand foot contours.
2. Low Profile for Optimum Height
iMove raises the display only one inch from the surface, making it extremely stable during movement and use.
3. Stability and Balance
iMove's less than one inch body thickness houses your Apple Display stand with a snug and secure fit. This provides a seamless union that gives stability and balance during motion and use.
4. Little Force required for the Motion.
iMove allows the user to move the monitor without lifting with the simple push or pull of his/her hand(s)
5. Gives User Instant space to work.
iMove's groove depth is equal to Apple Display stand foot thickness. When the display is placed on the iMove it forms one uniform surface allowing the two parts to be flushed with each other. The user can then place the keyboard on the iMove positioning table and move the keyboard along with display to instantly make room a larger workspace.
6. Plastic Spherical Rollers.
iMove uses extremely durable and smooth plastic rollers to avoid damage to the desk surface during motion or while in use.
7. Easy Installation.
No assembly is required. Just place the monitor in the matching groove and move the display to the desired distance and rotation for correct viewing. Then effortlessly move your display anytime a different working position is desired. Durable and easy to clean.

iMove for iMacs G5 will be released in early October 2004

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iMove Positioing Table for Apple iMac G5 Series

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iMove for Apple Cinema Displays

iMove for iMacs.

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