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HeatSinks for Two Fully Buffered DIMMs for Mac Pro Models [2006/2007/2008] Model ID [1,1 2,1: 3,1]

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MaxUpgrades offers MaxSink, a heatsink designed to provide effective heat disspation of fully buffered DIMM memory modules operating at high speed 800 MHz or 667 Mhz (Mac Pro Systems) . MaxSink unique design allows heat generated from memory chips and Advance Memory Buffer to be effectively disspated while keeping the temperature of the memory module under operating limits.


Memory Upgrades for Mac Pros [Nehalem] Intel Xeon March 2009

MaxSink Features:
• Maximum Surface Area for Optimum Heat Dissipation.
• Precision Machined Aluminum HeatSink.
• Unique mounting for uniform pressure distribution.
• Lowest Thermal resistance between DRAM Chips (FBGA) and HeatSink for optimized heat transfer.
• Designed for fluctuating Memory Module temperature variations. (Heat Load)
• Step HeatSink design to incorporate thickness variation of AMB and FBGA (RAM Chips.
• HeatSink Surface Treated to minimize Thermal Resistance between HeatSink surface and Ambient to maximize heat transfer.

MaxUpgrades offers Fully Buffered DIMMs with Apple Orignal Heat Sinks.

P/N Part Description
SZ-MAXSINK02 MaxSinks for Two Fully Buffered DIMMs
  • Four pieces of Aluminum HeatSink (Top and Bottom Side)
  • Interface Pads for heat conductivity between DRAM and HeatSinks (Top and Bottom Side)
  • HeatSink Mounting Screws and Spring for attaching heatsink to the Fully Buffered DIMM Modules
  • To install the heatSinks on two Fully buffered DIMMS (Mac Pro)


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