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MaxConnect Z4-ML External Desktop Storage System (4i+4e)

MaxUpgrades introduces the elegant MaxConnect Z4-ML Series, desktop storage system, the Z4-ML features a new generation of multi-lane (ML) host connectivity capable of sustaining data rates up to 300+ MB/s, Constructed with aluminum material and hot-swappable cooling fan, the Z4-ML Series storage system offers host of hot-swap components, empowering users with capabilities normally found in enterprise-class SCSI systems.

The Z4-ML Series is built on the latest I/O technology, the Multi-lane (ML) connectivity , for multiple-disk configurations. The MaxUpgrades ML-Z4 Series comes with highly reliable, locking cable/connector that combines four ( 4 ) low-cost SATA hard disks to the broadband high performance computing environments.

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MaxConnect Z4-ML External Multi-Lane External Solution.



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