iMove Testimonials:
"It's Perfect."

December 9, 2004

"The iMove not only adds the much-needed height elevation to Apple’s new iMac, but it also allows you to move and control the position of your screen like it was suspended in air. I was initially hesitant in ordering the new iMac since it lacked the versatile screen control of my older style iMac, but then I discovered the capabilities of the iMove. The iMove is a required option for all new iMac owners."


November 29, 2004:

"The iMove is a great accessory for my incredibly awesome 30” LCD/twin 2.5GHz G5.  I was initially concerned about the difficulty of repositioning the 30” monitor,  but the iMove largely alleviated these concerns. The pair (iMove/ 30” monitor) glide effortlessly on my desk, as though they were on ice skates.  Perfectly fitted ice skates.  The iMove exhibits an ideal combination of control and ease of movement; not too loose, not too tight.  Indeed, it looks as though Apple had designed the iMove specifically for the monitor, displaying great form AND function.  Well done.
With regards,
Stuart A. Yablon, M.D"

October 11, 2004:

"Hello folks
   For nearly one month I was looking for a Positioning table here in Switzerland. But it was impossible to find a
table, that has a
   - great design
   - a free positioning
   - fits perfect to my 20" Cinema Display
   so one day i found a news message in a german newside for apple macintosh that there is a new product calling iMove.
   And yes, that was the solution, a perfect looking and comfortable Positioning Table for my Cinema Display. I stopped looking for other product, because it was 'love on the first view' and ordered the iMove immediately.
   After a long week waiting for this fantastic looking product i received it last week, and installed it quickly on my display. Yes, it looks even greater than on the web page and fits perfect to my cinema display. So my final verdict for this product: Buy it and see it! It's perfect.
   Here some photos of my new configuration.

-Martin Mader"

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